The industry-leading CACS Paper 1 & 2 mock exam papers and private training sessions by Khinloke Education. Led by Chief Trainer Mr Chong with over 30 years of experience.

About Khinloke Education

Hi, I am Chong Khinloke.

As the Principal Trainer and Managing Director of Khinloke Education Pte Ltd, I have been conducting CACS training classes since 2012. I have successfully helped hundreds of individual obtaining their Covered Persons RNF with MAS by passing their CACS Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams. More than 95% of them passed in their first attempt for both papers after my training.

Banks that provide Wealth Management services that I work with includes:

  • Bank of Singapore
  • Credit Suisse AG
  • UBS AG
  • Citi Bank
  • HSBC
  • DBS
  • OCBC
  • Daiwa Singapore
  • Julius Baer
  • VP Bank AG
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Our Mock Exam Papers & Training

Self-prepare for your CACS examinations or consult Mr Chong for private training sessions.

Sure-Pass Guarantee

Our mock exam papers are proven with hundreds of testimonials. However, if you are still unsure about getting them, we offer a sure-pass guarantee. Try them risk-free and if you ever fail your exam, we will provide free consultation sessions with our trainer, Mr Chong.

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Students’ Reviews

“Khinloke Chong has very pertinent and easy training method! He ensures that the subject matter is understood by the students and are able to apply for the test He also ensures that the students are confident and positive before taking the test One of the best trainers for any kind of exams / tests! Highly recommend to everyone taking any of the tests in which he trains! Thank you Khinloke for your training and guidance!”



“Khin Loke’s lessons are focused and enable you to understand the logics and requirements of the IBF CACS paper 1 and 2 very quickly! After going through his lesson, me and friends are able to pass both papers with ease the 1st time! His tutorial questions and mock exam questions can be completed via mobile and whilst we are on the go – very convenient! Khinloke also developed the lessons in a very fun and engaging manner so it makes taking the test fun! Highly recommended.”



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The Definitive Study Guide

Free Self-Studying Resource

We have created this study guide to help students pass their CACS paper 2 exam.
Do note that is not the official IBF study guide.

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You can email us at [email protected] regarding any questions on mock exam papers and private trainings. For existing students, do WhatsApp Mr Chong directly regarding any issues.

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